Sep 2019 Climate Corner

How to take action in Austin, TX September 2019 – Selwyn Polit We know from the IPCC Report from the United Nations in September 2018, that we have 11 years to stop the irreparable damage to our climate systems. We have to figure out how to make sweeping changes...

September 2019 Window on Windsor

Check out the info on our neighborhood-wide yard sale, on Saturday September 21st. We have several families participating – explore the neighborhood and find hidden treasures to bring home! We’ll be posting a map of all the homes participating on our...

July 2019 Climate Corner

by Martin Luecke and the Windsor Park Climate Crisis Committee The Climate Change and Global Warming Resolution passed by unanimous vote at the May WPNA meeting. It’s the first time in America that a neighborhood association has taken an official stand on climate...


Whereas there is a deep concern for causes and effects of Climate Change through Global Warming, the Windsor Park Neighborhood Association (WPNA) urges governments, groups and individuals at all levels to take strong rapid action to reduce climate warming – “mitigate” global warming as recommended by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change).

July 2019 Window on Windsor

Read about ways to get involved in the future of transportation in Austin and our neighborhood, our neighborhood’s role in global climate change, upcoming changes to Mueller, and our neighborhood book club.

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