Geothermal is a renewable energy source used to heat and cool buildings, supply hot water to your house, and create energy for the electric grid with zero CO2 going into the atmosphere.  This energy source runs 24/7/365, is synergistic with solar and wind power generation, and eliminates lost heat from outdoor HVAC equipment.  You will find it available directly under your feet, anywhere on earth.   

This technology requires drilling deep underground and circulating water through pipes to be used in multiple applications, from heat pumps to steam turbines creating electricity for the grid.  This installation will require the skills and technology currently used by the oil and gas industry. 

Considering that more than half of our global CO2 is created by heating and cooling buildings and houses, the WPNA Climate Committee believes geothermal is the linchpin answer to replacing fossil fuels in Texas and around the world, will protect our electric grid from failure due to weather calamity, will dramatically reduce the cost of electricity, and create lots of jobs.  On our next Climate Conversation program we will bring you a detailed explanation of the system with panelists working in the industry.

Scheduled to appear is Geothermal Engineer Kevin Kitz from Boise, Idaho; Dawn Johnston, Principal Director of Clearwater Reserves of Tyler, Texas; and Joe Batir of Southern Methodist University.  

Watch our program live on our YouTube channel Windsor Park Climate Conversation, Wednesday February 8 at 7pm.  You can watch the program at any time after the broadcast, where you can find all of our previous shows available 24/7. Use this link: or go to and search for “windsor park climate conversation”

If you join us during the live broadcast you will have the opportunity to ask questions of our panel.  

Watch the video below

Climate Conversation Feb 2023

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