This map shows the watersheds that cover Windsor Park Neighborhood. You can zoom in to find your house and or street and see where run-off from your yard (and driveway) enters into the creeks and eventually the Colorado River.

There are three watersheds that cover Windsor Park, the Western most watershed is called the Tannehill Creek Watershed and covers the south western portion of the neighborhood and Bartholomew Park flowing into Boggy Creek. The center of Windsor Park is covered by the Fort Branch watershed which also flows into Boggy Creek. Finally the eastern most portion of Windsor Park and much of University Hills including Dottie Jordan Park is covered by the Little Walnut Creek watershed which flows into Walnut Creek.

All of the watersheds covering Windsor Park and surrounding neighborhoods ultimately flow into the Colorado River downstream of the Longhorn Dam (at Pleasant Valley Rd.) Each watershed passes through many other neighborhoods and parks along the way.

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