Prepared by the WPNA Transportation Committee

WPNA Mobility Statement:

The WPNA is advocating for transportation improvements that enhance the safety and mobility of pedestrians and bicyclists. Along with identifying specific challenges we have identified several mobility improvements in the following slides.

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Slide 1: Regional Context

Windsor Park is Surrounded by I-35, 290, Northeast, Manor and 51st. Our biggest mobility challenges are at the edges of our neighborhood because we are surrounded by highways and busy roadways. The WPNA would be happy to collaborate with our neighbors are Districts 4, 1 and 9 to improve active mobility connections between our neighborhoods.

1 Regional Context: A map of Windsor Park showing the surrounding Council Districts.

Slide 2: Bikeways Vision

The WPNA envisions a network of bikeways that provide improved active mobility alternatives that also provide safer connections to our neighbors. Some of these networks require very little modifications but others will require more roadway improvements. Along these routes are 5 schools, 3 parks, a public library, and many potential new connections to existing bikeways.

 We envision a set of bikeways that provides an alternative to the busy roadways, the Belfast Bridge and Trail and the Park to Park Trail running north & south, and the Clayton Trail and Rogge Trail, running east & west.

Link to the Belfast Bridge & Trail Facebook Group

Windsor Park Bikeways

Slide 3: High Priority: Build Now

The WPNA has identified two top priority items that make a significant improvement in establishing safer alternative connections from Windsor Park to our neighbors. Building a new pedestrian bridge over Tannehill Branch Creek at Belfast & Broadmoor and a new multi-use trail to 51st would provide the neighborhood a much safer route between Windsor Park and Mueller. A portion of this trail has been completed by the Solomon Apartments at 51st & Mueller Blvd.

The WPNA is also advocating for a Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon to be installed at 51st & Tilley Street to provide a safer crossing for Windsor Park and Mueller residents across 51st st. A safer crossing is critical for neighborhood kids attending Blanton Elementary and General Marshall Middle School from both directions of the East Link Trail.

Link to the Belfast Bridge & Trail Facebook Group

3 High Priority: Build Now A map of Winsdor Park with two locations highlighted, The Belfast Bridge and the Tilley Street Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon.

Slide 4: Bikeways Challenges

The WPNA has identified some challenges to establishing an active mobility network in Windsor Park that safely connects us to our neighbors. The crossings into and out of the neighborhood are an especially important concern. Currently the are no crossings that meet current City of Austin best practices for active mobility.

4 Bikeway Challenges: A map of Windsor Park with many challenging intersections for bicyclists to enter and exit the neighborhood.

Slide 5: Bikeways Suggestions

The WPNA has identified several suggestions presented in this slide. These are aimed at created the safer Bikeway alternatives.

  • Cameron: A new traffic signal or byrbid beacon for pedestrians at Cameron & Glencrest. R.O.W. improvements at Cameron & 290.
  • Belfast Bridge & Trail: Reverse the Stop signs on Belfest to stop east to west vehicles and prioritize a north-south bikeway.
  • Park to Park Trail: A new urban trail through Bartholomew Park to Tilley St. Improvements near Harris Elementary at Belfast / Briarcliff / Linda Lane.
  • 51st: Completing the 51st Vision plan
  • I-35: Improved R.O.W.devoted to separated bicycle lanes at I-35 & 290 and I-35 & 51st/Cameron
5 Bikeway Suggestions: A map of Windsor Park with suggested improvements to bicycle routes in the neighborhood.

Slide 6: Berkman Challenges

The WNPA acknowledges that the changes to Berkman in recent years have made significant improvements. Despite these, Berkman continues to carry high traffic counts similar. The speeds on Berkman are 30 mph compared to 25 mph for Berkman in Mueller. Berkman currently has 1 signal light and 1 Pedestrian Hybrid beacon, compared to 3 stop signs and 1 signal light in the shorter Mueller portion of Berkman.

The main bike north-south bike lanes at Berkman feature a tighter roadway constraints, higher speeds and no separations compared to the Mueller portions of Berkman. The 51st roadway improvements, including the redesign of Berkman & 51st still remains bogged down in City permitting and have yet to break ground.

6 Berkman Challenges: A map of Windsor Park showing the challenges of Berkman for bicycles and pedestrians.

Slide 7: Berkman Suggestions

The suggestions for improving city mobility safety concerns on Berkman include:

  • Converting the Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon at Rogge into a full traffic signal
  • The addition of another traffic signal at Patton Lane,
  • Redesign of the slip lanes at 290
  • Completing the R.O.W. changes at 51st.
  • The WPNA would also support an additional stop signs, or Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons along the corridor.

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