Please join us, Saturday, November 13th, 2021 at 10:15 am for the Windsor Park Neighborhood Association Meeting.

Time Topic Speaker
10:15 Welcome viewers Thank sponsors, donors, members, and newsletter deliverersJackie Brooks
10:20Yard of the Month Sara Jane Lee
Treasurer’s report Josh Pitts
10:30 Schools Committee Discussion with special guests including our At-Large Trustees: Trustee Singh and Trustee LugoEmily Sawyer, Arati Singh, Noelita Lugo
10:50 WPNA 2022 Officer Election [VOTE] Nominees: Jackie Brooks (President), Cesar Benevidas (Vice President), Alice Graulty (Secretary), Josh Pitts (Treasurer), Peter Struble (Intra-neighborhood delegate)Rick Krivoniak, Officer Nominees
10:55 WPNA 2022 Budget [VOTE] Josh Pitts & Jackie Brooks
11:05 Announcements: Holiday Party & Membership Drive 2022 (time to renew!)Jackie Brooks & Martin Leucke
11:10 Creative Holidays- Reuse gifts and wrapping ideas by Austin Creative ReuseAna Ramirez (ACR)
11:20 Austin Recycles Day, Nov.20th : A message from our WP Zero Waste LeadersJeanette Swenson
11:30 Contact Team update (+ anything related to Windsor Village if anything to report)Rodney Ahart
11:40 Committee reports (2 min. ea) Climate, RevitalizationCommittee chairs, Martin Luecke, Mohan Rao
11:45 Closing & Announcements Jackie Brooks

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