Many of you who drive, walk, or ride near the corner of Berkman and Briarcliff or Berkman and Wheless have probably noticed that black construction fence around Harris Elementary. As you probably also know Harris Elementary is going to be demolished and rebuilt. A public notice of a demolition permit was posted with the following information:

When: Demolition may begin as early as July 5th 2024. This is just an estimate and I would not be surprised if no noticeable demolition begins on the day after Independence Day, but it could.

Where: Harris elementary. Between Berkman Drive and Linda Lane, Wheless Lane and Briarcliff.

How: JOERIS General Contractors is in charge of construction.

The permit lists number for the Demolition Contractor as Robles 1

Permit number: 2024-038732-BP

If you have complaints about the noise, traffic, sidewalks or any non-emergency issues, your first call should be to the City of Austin NON-Emergency line, 3-1-1.

If there is an emergency call 9-1-1.

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