Windsor Park Neighborhood Association Monthly Meeting
May 11, 2024 from 10:00 AM until Noon
Memorial United Methodist Church Gym, 6100 Berkman Drive


  • We’re going to have Commander Shauna Griffin to address safety concerns in the neighborhood.
  • We’ll have a drawing for HEB Gift cards for anyone who becomes a member by the beginning of the meeting.
  • We’ll talk about opportunities to improve mobility in the neighborhood for cyclists, pedestrians, and kids.


Expand for the agenda

10:00-10:15: Sign in, register for Membership drawing for HEB gift cards, enjoy a cup of Talisman coffee, and meet your neighbors

10:15: Welcome – Jeanette Swenson

10:15-10:30: Citizen Communication (2 minutes per person please)

10:30 – 10:35: Membership Drive up-date -Chad Cotton and Sam Searle. Gift card drawing.

10:35 – 10:40: Treasurer’s Report – Sam Searle

10:40 -10:45: Approval of April minutes – Meghan Dougherty, Acting Secretary

10:45: Yard of the Month: Stephanie and Jon Holmstem, Rogge Lane

10:50-11:20: Austin Police Department, Interim Commander Shauna Griffin

11:20-11:45: Committee Up-dates: Climate Action, Transportation Actions, Schools Committee, Safety Committee. Take advantage of opportunities for action!


NOW: Contact our CM Vela about expediting funding for the WPNA proposed safer mobility in Windsor Park and connecting to our surrounding neighborhoods. Advocate now as the 2025 budget negotiations are happening.

WP Community Garden sites available: Contact or the new garden manager, Charles Martin. Thank you Pat and Charles.

May 13 WP Neighborhood Contact Team, Windsor Village Up-date, Zoom, 6 PM

June 8 WPNA meeting: Meet the 2024 WPNA Scholars AND Sean Winn, Plastic reduction.

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