JUNE 8, 2024, 10:00 AM – NOON
Memorial United Methodist Church Gym, 6100 Berkman Drive

Remember to bring your own coffee cup!

Unless you’re going to stay home and watch the live stream


  • Emily Vitris will present the 2024 WPNA Scholarship
  • Sean Winn from Plastic Reduction Project will be giving a virtual tour of a recycling facility


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10-10:15 – Bring your coffee cup and fill it with Talisman coffee, then circulate and meet your friends, scholarship recipients, and newcomers. Maybe sign a petition or two, check out the tree planting initiative scheduled for fall. Tell us your most challenging plastic item to eliminate or recycle for reuse. Solutions welcome.
10:15 – WELCOME: 2024 Scholarship recipients and families, newcomers, WoW deliverers, sponsors, Committees
10:20 – Welcome and recognition of WPNA Scholarship recipients: Emily Vitris, Chair, Schools Committee
10:35 – Citizen Communication ( 2 minutes per speaker)
10:50-11:20 – Plastic Reduction Project – Sean Winn
11:20-11:25 – Yard of the Month: Nathan Gar and Lizzie Chen, Suffolk Dr.
11:25-11:30 – Approval of May minutes -Meghan Dougherty
11:30-11:35 – Treasurer’s Report
11:40: Committee Reports and opportunities for community engagement
* Climate Committee
* Enlivenment Committee
* Transportation ( Pedestrian Bikeways)
* Parks – PARD engagement with WPNA and fall Tree Planting, Roots&Wings
* Contact Team (Berkman Improvement Plan)
* Safety outreach to surrounding neighborhoods: Manor Road and Rogge and 51st to Berkman.
* Safety Committee
* Mueller Commission

Coming Up

July 13, WPNA General Meeting: Plastic reduction.
Check out the website:
Austin Creative Reuse: Up-cycling Plastics.

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